Gcina Nkosi Joins Generations The Legacy

She is set to make her debut in January 2023

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Seasoned actress Gcina Nkosi has joined Generations The Legacy. According to one of the show's crew members, Gcina will make her debut in January 2023.

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There is no information on whether her character will be on the show full-time or for a short period of time. The departure of Nomvelo Makhanya, who played Lindiwe Ngema, might cause her storyline to be discounted, however.

Gcina played Zinzile and her husband is Mlungisi who left the show a couple of years ago. It seems there is more drama at Scadal as Mvelo recently exexposed the alleged shenanigans happening behind the scenes. The actress alleged that the work environment was toxic and that she would have even taken her own life.

She took to social media to detail her experience with the show and claimed that she was fired. "I've been the one that's been catching all the f*cken smoke ... It wasn't me guys, it wasn't my choice. They wrote me off, that's the truth ... It was God's plan though, I'm going to tell you that for real.

“I've been praying ... I've been wanting to leave that place ... For me it was something I had really been praying about so when it finally happened it really felt like God was removing me from the toxic environment. I probably would have killed myself. There was a 90% chance. That's how toxic that place was.”

The show has since addressed the allegations. In a statement shared with TshisaLIVE the show said it was unaware that the workplace was toxic up until she took that video. "E.tv’s Scandal production was unaware that the workplace had become a toxic environment for the actor or any actor for that matter. As a production, we’ve always communicated an open-door policy for all our cast and crew for any matter or situation whether it is professional or personal. To our knowledge, as a production, we’ve had a great run of 10 years with the actor Nomvelo Makhanya and we appreciate the work she put in on her character as Lindiwe Maseko- Ngema.  

“The exit of the Lindiwe Maseko – Ngema character was purely dictated by the story, the character had run its course on the show, and therefore as the producers and writing team of the show, we ended the character journey to allow us opportunities to explore other avenues as storytellers. Ending characters is always bittersweet for us as a production especially with an actor like Nomvelo Makhanya because she grows up in the show but it also gives us the opportunity for new stories for the future and new opportunities for remaining cast members.” read the statement.

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