Gigi Lamayne Addresses Pregnancy Rumours

And she did it with a thirst trap

By  | Mar 13, 2022, 11:32 AM  | Gigi Lamayne  | Top of The

Gigi Lamayne
After going a while without sharing steamy photos of herself, Gigi Lamayne finally posted one, to address pregnancy rumours.
The rapper recently went to Twitter to address pregnancy rumours. Posting a mirror selfie of herself in just her underwear, she wrote “GUYs I’m NOT pregnant ! Gosh stop with the rumours”. 
Of course, she brewed up a storm on the platform, as fans slid into the mentions to comment on how hot she looks. She really does have a perfect body, and fans could not keep calm. 

But others saw that this was a ploy to chase clout and just trend for no reason. First off, they had never even heard any pregnancy rumours going around about Gigi. As far as they know, the last person to be rumoured to be pregnant was Sho Madjozi, and the singer and dancer addressed those rumours already.

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Others told her she could just have posted the picture and they would have liked it anyway. She did not need to fake some rumours about her then address them. 
It looks like pregnancy is in the air in Mzansi. I mean, every three minutes, a different celebrity announces that they are pregnant. 

But we are not complaining. Of the ones who have announced theirs this year, they are all glowing and carrying extremely beautifully. Honestly, it’s quite beautiful to see. 

Natasha Thahane was the most recent celebrity who revealed that she was expectant, catching everyone off guard. She did take some time off of active social media, and for a while there, she only shared half photos of herself. Even so, it was quite unexpected of her, and some fans even commented that considering how young she looks (she passes for a teenager on the Netflix show Blood and Water), her being pregnant feels wrong – almost like a teen pregnancy. 
What followed was a lot of drama. One tweep went online to allege that he had photoshopped her pregnancy photos, and that it was not real. This caused many fans to start to speculate why she would need to do that, some concluding that it would be for some positive press, since she has been getting a lot of bad press following the R1 Million scholarship saga. 
But she responded swiftly, and with a lot of class too. Rather than speak directly to the rumours, she had a photoshoot which showed her belly in a different outfit. Her boyfriend and rumoured baby daddy Lorch also shared pictures of her pregnancy, erasing all doubts in fans’ minds. 
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