“I lost 15kgs Within The Space of 5 Months”

Gigi LaMayne opens up about her weight-loss journey

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Award-winning South African rapper Gigi Lamayne recently took to social media to open up about her weight loss journey. She managed to lose 15 kilograms within a five-month period.

“My weight loss journey has been great. I lost 15kh within the space of 5 months. Nowhere near easy. I will tell you it's true though. Diet, physical activity, and some cosmetic assists! I’m so so happy! Now we tone,” she posted.

Beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase was another celebrity to undergo a weight loss journey. She opened up about It on her YouTube channel.
She says she grew up a skinny kid.
"Growing up I was always the skinny kid. Even as a baby I hated food. I had no appetite, my parents used to force me to eat. There was a time when apparently my mom left for town and when she came back I still had food in my mouth.
"I was always tiny and I never struggled with my weight growing up. I actually wanted to gain weight when I was in high school because I was insecure about how skinny I was. Especially at the beginning of high school,” she adds.
At a point she was insecure about her hips.
 “And then I became insecure about my hips because I felt that they were too wide. I've always had hips and I was like 'why are these things here. Back then an athletic body was found more visually appealing," she shared in part.
In 2020,  Gigi went on a Twitter rant about the state of Hip Hop in South Africa. She says we live in a time when you don’t even hear good music anymore.
“If you want to be happy in this industry just follow your rules. Listen to your fans and incorporate what you want to incorporate. Sadly, we live in a time when you don’t even hear the good music anymore because it’s been overshadowed by this influx of wannabe American rappers. If you want to be respected in Hip Hop now, you have to be the one who mimics better."
Speaking to us, Gigi delved deep into what her tweets really entailed. “It comes with feeling that the industry is quite connection based. We’re superficial in the sense that we’re trying so hard to mimic American culture that we have forgotten how beautiful we are.” She explains. “I find it a Sho Madjozi and a Focalistic are the epitome of what South African Hip Hop should look like in terms of their sound. They both rap in their language but most of all, they incorporate the production and the sound into what I feel the standard should be.”
The Ice Cream hitmaker also exposed the corrupt music industry.
“I’m very angry at the South African industry because we find that talent is not the first thing being pushed now. Like I said, its connection based – who knows who and who is closing doors on who. It’s a very superficial space to be in until you become Indie and have your own team and then collaborate with a major label.”

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