Gogo Maweni Called All Kinds Of Names For Owning So Many Snakes

The good Dr is not fazed anymore about what people think of her

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She has been called by all the names in the books but Gogo Maweni is never fazed about what people think of her. Her latest video where the good Dr flaunts her many snakes has people looking at her in a different light.

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Gogo Maweni has definitely mastered the art of not getting caught up on the negativity the social media throws at her on a daily. Although she loves a good squabble and back and forth with trolls, but recently she has chosen to do her thing without caring about what people say about her.

Following her very latest shocking video where Gogo Maweni showcases all five of her snakes. Tweeps could not help but to question her calling and being a traditional healer with snakes. She has been called a 'witch doctor' before and it appears the name calling is far from coming to an end.

"The only reason I’m at my house in Soweto I missed my babies #maweni #gogomaweni #drmaweni" wrote Gogo Maweni
Again, Gogo Maweni is under fire as tweeps have saw an opportunity to call her pretty much a witch doctor. One tweep referenced their grandmother who was a traditional healer but never owned a snake. This snake video has really opened up Gogo Maweni for even more scrutiny with her being a sangoma.

"This is pure daylight witchcraft, let's leave ubusangoma aside. We are taken for a ride here" wrote Kayla Leigh
"My granny was a traditional healer, this one is NOT a traditional healer. This is dark practices which has nothing to do with ancestors." wrote Keith TopG
"You don't look comfortable at all around those. I guess that's why they stay at your house in Soweto." wrote Sbu
Other tweeps have aided Gogo Maweni to get the even more dangerous snakes, as they feel as though the ones she currently has are a child's play.

"The day uphatha ibululu (Viper), Imfezi (mozamique spitting cobra) or I mamba ( GREEN, preferably BLACK).... Not lamachwane angaphathwa i 6year old at a school excursion.. Ngzokuvuma" wrote Judas's Witness
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