Gomora's Sannah Mchunu Expresses Gratitude

She is finally getting her flowers

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Gomora star Sannah Mchunu has taken to her social media platforms to express her gratitude after getting her flowers from Actor and Businessman Mohale Motaung.
Mohale had tweeted an appreciation post for the actress admiring her talent.

In response, Sannah who currently plays the role of Zodwa on Gomora took Mohale's post and shared it with her fans thanking him for the shoutout.

Fans also took to the comments section to praise Sannah's acting. Palesa wrote, "You are truly talented and an amazing actress to ever grace our screens."

Mofolo: "...for real I know you can act but these past scenes 👏👏I feel so many artist's drunk scenes you can just tell it's just acting but wena sis 🔥"
Sannah previously opened up about landing a role on Gomora. She told DRUM that the role changed her life. She said, “This role really changed my life completely. I am loved and appreciated everywhere I go and that helped to boost my confidence. I am a hero now in the township,” 

she added that people have also stopped judging her for her past since she joined Gomora. “I stopped being a baby-making example. I was being shamed for leaving an abusive marriage. But now I can take care of my kids and my family and still become a respected actress,” she told the publication.

Sannah said her role started very small, but she gave it her all and impressed the directors of the show. The actress also revealed that she was eyeing another role on the show. she continued, "I was disappointed when I didn’t fit the part. But luckily, I ended up getting called to appear a few times as Zodwa and I nailed it.” 

The star also shared that it is easy for her to embody Zodwa because they have somethings in common.

“That woman lives inside of me. I can feel it in my soul when I must add a bit of spice to my lines...I am not an alcoholic like her, but we are very similar. I don’t live with my kids, they live with their father in Florida, and I live in Soweto...Being away from them and having to arrange visits helps me to relate it to what Zodwa feels when she is away from her child,” she told the publication.

Sannah has also appeared on other popular TV shows including Muvhango where she played the character of Nomarashiya. She also score other small roles on Mzansi Magic's Kasi Stories, as she was building her way to the top.

“We shot Kasi stories for three or four days. You got your money and go back to queuing up for auditions. But I was good at saving up and I managed to extend my late parents’ home,

“I built some back rooms at home, fixed the house, and built a shower. Things I would have never done, had I stayed in that abusive marriage. Even my neighbours seemed proud and said my parents must be rejoicing in their graves,” she told Drum

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