Gomora: Fans In Awe Of Zodwa's Words Of Encouragement To Teddy

Zodwa is up for parent of the year!

By  | Aug 07, 2020, 11:14 AM  | Sana Mchunu  | Top of The

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Gomora's Zodwa left many avid watchers of the hit telenovela touched and feeling motivated in the latest episode of the show. It is no secret that Zodwa character has become one of Mzansi's most loved characters on our small screens, and she continues to captivate viewers in the manner in which she delivers her artistry.

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The mother who wants her child to do better in life, often leaves viewers rolling on the floors with laughs with her loudmouthed personality; but yesterday she motivated her son in a cool, calm and collective manner, it cut deep.

 Zodwa gave Teddy some pearls of wisdom and spoke of how she has failed in life, but encouraged him to rise beyond every predicament he may encounter.

Viewers reckoned that her words of encouragement are the content they signed up for, and crowned her the parent of the year.

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