Gugu Gumede talks lobola

What it takes to lobola her

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Gugu Gumede  | Top of The

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Gugu Gumede

The Uzalo actress is one of the most loved actresses from the show. She's also known for her amazing make-up work as well, but what she's also known for is her privacy.

Ask her anything about her craft and she's an open book, but when you get to her private life it might proof a bit tricky for you to make her open up.

Although Gugu is single and hardly speaks about her relationship status, she hinted, in an Instagram post that if you really wanted to sweep her off her feet this is the song you should sing to her.

Soul Kulture is known for their hit single Ngelinye Ilanga and Sukulila and this single, which we assume is titled "Gugu" will undoubtedly be a favourite for many people.

What are your thoughts?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ItsGuguGumede

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