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Congratulations are in order for Ilungelo Lakho presenter Siphiwo "Spitch" Nzawumbi after the Radio and TV presenter shared the exciting news on his social media platforms.

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Spitch has announced that he is officially back on radio and he has made a return to Umhlobo Wenene radio station.

Speaking to IOL, Spitch said when he made a decision to leave the station two years back, he wanted to expand his horizons. "When I left the station, I was intentional about what I wanted to achieve...I believe broadcasters should be experienced and skilled in other things aside from their craft. This enables us to engage audiences and experts from an informed perspective but not only that but from experience. My two-year hiatus has been about exactly that," he told the publication.

Amongst other things, Spitch explored his business ventures while he was away from the spotlight. A few months ago he revealed that he was officially a "convenience" business owner.

He said his business started a few years back as a joke. "I recorded a video walking down the stairs moving into my then-new house. We joked about what a typical Mastandi does and how they should conduct themselves,

"My listeners literally got on the swing and played along. Back then, I was only grateful for another win under my wing, I didn’t think beyond it. As with anything new, naysayers and those with limited insight questioned why a man would call himself “uMastandi.”

Spitch shared that even though some people run with the idea, others criticized it because Mastandi usually refers to a female breadwinner or landlord. "Had I paid attention to their views of and obsessed with their criticism, I wouldn’t be sharing this post today,

"A year later, that silly joke on the gram is now a registered business with clients. I now get to do what I love as an extension of my legacy. I am one of three employees in the business, including my housekeeper and baby cousin," he said.

Spitch has since run with the idea and he is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs.   "When I announced my departure, I had said I’m going to grow in other avenues and that’s exactly what I needed. I now return 10 times a better broadcaster than I was when I left the station due to the experience I’ve accumulated in the past two years," he told IOL adding that he believes people are not called to be one thing in this lifetime.

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