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Bontle Modiselle and Mindo Sefafe are the two leading ladies in Africa's first ever dance movie, Hear Me Move. Bontle has already spoken to ZAlebs before, and after getting a taste of the site, she decided to bring her partner in crime and HIJACK the ZAlebs Newsroom this morning, with some help from Priddy Ugly and Victor Pedro

While they were here, I spoke to them both about their role in Hear Me Move the film that has the local film scene abuzz right now. We first asked them what they thought of running our newsroom and if they could ever be journalists full time. Bontle responded first: 

"It definitely gave me a taste of what it's like, but it was also tricky because sometimes you want to give your opinion, but you still want to be politically correct while doing it! You have to be kind of cautious, but it was so much fun. You guys have such a great job!" 

After we were done laughing for about 20 minutes, we kicked off the interview and I asked about the film, Hear Me Move and where it all started. 

"The story is about a young boy named Muzi, who is the son of an incredible pantsula dancer who passes on tragically. Muzi understands his father in a certain light, but there's a different truth he learns along the one. He comes across Khanyi, who is my character and she turns out to be the love interest of Muzi. It's sweet, it's progressive but people get to see how it develops. There are crews in there too, there's Bujo Movement and there's Ambishin, they are rival crews and you have to choose who you are supporting. I'm on Bujo Movement" 

This is where Mindo hopped in because her character is on #TeamAmbishin, and she also spoke about her character, 

"I play a character named Pinky, who is a Prince's girlfriend (Prince is Muzi's brother) but obviously I'm on the rival side because of my boyfriend's rivalry with his brother. Pinky is a girl who is kind of a Kasi queen who just like things, but I see her behaviour as a cry for help. She never had that someone who was just there to guide her through life." 

You can listen to the full interview below where the ladies (As well as rapper, Priddy Ugly, who ALSO hijacked our newsroom) talk about Hear Me Move as well as the reaction from South Africa. 

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