Heavy K is working hard at losing weight

It's been a long time coming for the hitmaker.

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Heavy K

Being healthy and eating right has never been out of fashion as it involves your wellbeing and when you're married with kids, being healthy automatically becomes a top priority in your life as you're always concerned about living a healthier life for your family.

One DJ that has been struggling to lose weight is Heavy K who once attempted to go under a strict diet and workout regime but, like many of us fell off the wagon.

Earlier on this year, the hitmaker told Times Live that he was happy with his weight and would only shed off the kilo's when it suited him not because of pressure from the public.

"I won't lie at times they (the tweets) do get to me, but that is probably only 2% of the time. When I see nasty comments about me or my weight, which I do, I just ignore it. The thing is, that is how they feel about my weight or about me, but it's not how I feel about myself. I'm happy the way I am. I'm not here for that, mine is to make great music."

Heavy K

However, Heavy K is now hellbent to really shed of some kilos and no matter how difficult in may be we can see that he's really trying his best to get into shape.

Heavy K

It might be a difficult process for him right now but the man is pushing through. 

heavy kk
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In June, Heavy K revealed that he and his fiance' Ntombi were planning on getting married and that they were thinking of following in the footsteps of Mr and Mrs Jones and recording their wedding for profit. 

That would definitely be an interesting wedding to see, and hopefully by the time Heavy gets married he would've lost a few pounds and fitting perfectly into his well-tailored suit.

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