Hulisani Ravele a woman on a mission

ZAlebs chats to Hulisani about her career and more

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Hulisani Ravele a woman on a mission

 Hulisani Ravele sure is a woman on a mission who is determined to conquer her dreams and aspirations. ZAlebs chats to the young lady about her career and lifelong dreams.

Firstly, congratulations on your new job as the host of 'SATY'. On a personal note, what does this job mean to you in terms of someone who is constantly thriving to achieve their goals?

Thank you! I am really happy and excited to be back on SATY. When I left my corporate job in 2014, I set myself a personal goal to go out there and use my talent to touch and turn people's lives around, especially young people. And the mission is to always be involved in projects that have purpose, power, and impact. 

That is exactly what SATY is and has always been for me. I have so much joy and peace in my heart because when opportunities like this come around, opportunities that align with your goals, it's a testament that staying true to who you are, does pay off and what is meant for you will always come. 

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Hulisan Ravele

 If you were given the opportunity to host any other show in the world which one would it be and why?

THRS - The Hulisani Ravele Show, my own talk show. That is my goal, that is my dream, that is my purpose. Everything I have been doing in the last few years, including hosting SATY, is preparing me for this very show. Why? I truly believe it is was I was born to do and God's planted a vision in my heart that is so clear and so purpose-driven there is no way it's a mistake. 

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 Your television career spans over 19 years, which is quite amazing. What would you say has been the greatest moment or achievement of your television career?

You know before the answer to this question would be the honour of hosting Nelson Mandela's 84th birthday. But in my ripe, "mature" age of 28 (lol), and just where I'm at mentally and spiritually, I believe my greatest achievement is that fact that 19 years on, I'm still standing. I'm still passionate, I'm more focused and more purpose-driven than I have ever been in my career.

Hulisani Ravele

You're also currently studying at AFDA for an honours degree? How has student life been treating you thus?

Wawaweewa! What a rollercoaster ride! It's really been the greatest learning experience for me and I can confidently walk out there at the end of the year and truly say that I am a Producer, and that was the biggest goal I wanted to achieve for myself. Taking all my on-air experience and backing it up with hands-on, behind the scenes knowledge, setting myself up to be a media juggernaut. I don't just want to be the talent, I want to own my concepts and productions and steer my own vision of the kind of content I want to create. 

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There's an interesting image on your Instagram account you shared about a documentary you were making a few weeks ago, can you please explain what that documentary is about?

A group of 3rd years asked me to feature in their documentary about a young Venda woman going on a journey of self-discovery to learn more about her culture and specifically the role of woman and their rite of passage. That was something I had always wanted to do for myself, personally, so that I could have knowledge and insight into my cultural practices which I was never taught and I never went through. It was an enlightening and emotional experience for me. 

Hulisani Ravele

You have a great liking in playing Golf, will you be taking up the sport on a professional level anytime soon?

(Laughs) No no, it's purely recreational. 

The SATY awards are taking place in November have you finally found your perfect outfit for the ceremony?

Eh eh eh! I'm only thinking about episode 1 right now!  I honestly haven't even begun to think about an exact outfit (or outfits, hahaha) but I do have a general idea of what it is I want to achieve visually on the night. 

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