"I am Leaving The Music Industry With A Heavy Heart"- Lusanda

The veteran gospel sensation is calling it quits

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Veteran gospel star Lusanda Mcinga, is one of the most decorated gospel musicians in South Africa, and she has mesmerized the masses with her music for decades now.

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The award-winning star has been in the entertainment industry for a couple of decades and throughout her career, she managed to make her name for herself. Sadly, she is calling it quits in music decades later.

According to Daily Sun, the gospel sensation is working on the last body of work. Her last studio recording will be her nineteenth collection "I have been doing music since 1985 and now it's time to bow out."

"I am leaving the music industry with a heavy heart because though my heart is still here my body can't take the tension anymore," she said.

In September, a video of Lusanda asking for public donations went viral on social media. According to Daily Sun, the financially embattled star had lost her car which was repossessed, and some of her assets.

"I have a problem. Ever since we had Covid in 2020, 2021, 2022, I haven't been able to record or get any gigs. I'm now struggling to get food but fortunately my child, Betusile is buying food for me. He is the sole breadwinner and gives me from time to time. But it's getting too much for him. I cannot be his burden" wrote Lusanda Mcinga

She said she was going through financial difficulty because the COVID-19 lockdown hit her hard.  "All my cars were repossessed during Covid 19. I couldn't pay the bank and they were repossessed. From time to time I get money from friends. Even R200 feels like a million to me, that's how bad things are. My health was also affected and it have never been the same again" said Mcinga.
According to the family spokesperson, Mr. S. Ndumbu, they are unaware of the trending video. After receiving several calls from friends and strangers, they discovered that Mama Lusanda Mcinga is seeking donations for her new album.

"Yes, as the family we are aware that mama Lusanda is struggling as any other local artist post-Covid-19 pandemic. We are also aware that as per her wish she wants to raise funds to record her new album to close off her musical career. To that end, as her children we sent proposals to various departments and business people, and at the moment we have had one positive response from Umgalelo Africa while awaiting response from others" read part of the statement.

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