If SA had a Wendy Williams Show...

Imagine if we had an entertainment show where the host was allowed to be as blunt as Wendy Williams? 

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Wendy Williams

With all the tea that's been spilling in the local entertainment industry lately, our own version of the the Wendy Williams Show would not only get maximum views, but we believe it would break talk show history in South Africa. 

Wendy williams

Naturally, the ZAlebs team loves Wendy for her tell-it-like-it-is is attitude and that's what we feel we're missing in SA talk shows. 

We need a show that will give a no-holds-barred account of the freshest entertainment news, get us the backstory and also give the celebrities a chance to HONESTLY tell their side of the story (because we all know how our people love to side-step)... 

Speaking of side-stepping, did you see how Wendy took on the bikini issue head on? She was recently photographed on holiday with her husband shortly before the return of the latest season of her show and social media roasted her for her figure. One such person who took part on the roasting was T.I and Wendy accepted the fact the she has no butt before hilariously clapping back at the rapper. Watch it from the 5-minute-mark.

There are very few people in SA ballsy enough to pull this off but here's why we love these candidates. 

The Wenndy Williams Show

Phil Mphela

We think Phil would be perfect because he literally has nothing to to lose. 

If you know Phil then you know that he does not mince his words just to gain any favour from celebs and brands alike. This unfortunately means that people are in their feelings about his work and they therefore steer clear of him but it is this honesty that we need. 

The fact that he's an entertainment commentator and blogger means that he has insight into the industry and he's got the kind of access and network that makes it easy for him to get all the inside scoops. 

He's also got that thing. The Debra-Pattaesque thing that would allow him to ask ZAlebs the questions they are always avoiding. Remember when he got real with Nonhle Thema about her social media outburst?

Phat Joe

Phat Joe

Majota "Phat Joe" Kambule is also another person that has zero f***s left to give so eh would be perfect! Plus, he's no stranger to this thing because of his history on Real Goboza and The Phat Joe Show

He's known for his slick mouth and his ability to get his guests spilling, whihc is something that Wendy is good at. He didn't burn too many bridges so he can get almost any guest on his show because celebrities respect him.

Kuli Roberts


She's the perfect female candidate because she won't leave any stone unturned (just like Wendy). 

She also won't let anyone walk over her, she'll tell her quests the painful truth and she'll be the South African Wendy we need.  In addition to all that, Miss Roberts doesn't take nonsense from anyone so no will walk all over her, she's too quick with the replies and has an answer to everything. She can take a diss as well as she dishes them out just as well. What's even nicer about a female host is that she make up her own version of the signature greeting "how you doin'?"

P.S.: Remember when Kuli got fired for this interview with Phil?

Wendy Williams

What do you think of our suggestions? Who'd you think is perfect to sit in as Wendy and host their very own SA version of "The Wendy Williams show"

Hit us up on our social media on @Zalebs pages and let us know.

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