Inno Morolong Angers Tweeps For Retracting Abuse Allegations

Tweeps have just had about enough of her drama

By  | Sep 15, 2022, 10:29 AM  | Top of the

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Influencer and social media darling Inno Morolong has pulled a 180 while she retract all the abuse allegations she has leveled against her partner. Following going live on Instagram, eluding to abuse in her relationship.

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Famously known for speaking her mind which sometimes rubs people the wrong way. She recently had a very heated social media squabble with musician and dancer Makhadzi, over beauty and pretty. Inno Morolong has eluded to some serious abuse allegations with her partner, Tapiwa.

Taking to social media this morning, Inno Morolong has profusely apologized for eluding to any abuse against her partner, Tapiwa. Inno Morolong has raised eyebrows for having a change of heart over such serious allegations against her partner. She has written a detailed apology both on Instagram and Twitter, apologizing.

"I would like to apologise to my partner Tapiwa about all the horrible things I said about him. All the allegations r not true. I said everything out of anger bcz of the small misunderstanding we had. I’m sorry to his fans & his family" wrote Inno Morolong
Tweeps are not for a second buying to her change of heart after eluded abuse allegations in her relationship. Instead, tweeps are calling Inno Morolong out for taking them for a ride. They are more angry because they do suspect that there is abuse going on between Tapiwa and Inno Morolong.

However for Inno Morolong to double-back and say everything is okay when tweeps believe it is not. This has angered tweeps as they take under her comments sections to call her out for playing with fire.

"I didn't know Tapiwa had fans. People saw you get beaten Inno. Don't try cover that.. You can say "Yes he beat me but i forgive him" because one day when you are done for good you will come back here and want to tell your story. The net never forgets" wrote Poppy Ashley
"Out of anger, allegations and small misunderstanding ?We are not kids Inno please. Both of you know the truth and i hope this doesn't catch up with you" wrote Karabo Lentsoane
"You are writing this because you are beginning for Accomotation because you don’t have your own place, it’s hard to be you inno stop taking crack coke" wrote Katso
"Okusalayo Tapiwa has a small uncircumcised dick fotsek Hungry bitch, frog body Ewallet beggar" wrote Mimi
"His Fans girl you living in your imaginary world.. Aksalayo we know things that was supposed to be private.. But anyway a man and his daughter the were walking in the forest" wrote Lorraine
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