Catching up with actress Jo-Anne Reyneke

Jo-Anne lets us in on her latest projects, how she helps her partner Thami Mngqolo with his acting and more.

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More than just a pretty face on television, High-Rollers actress, Jo-Anne Reyneke fills us in on her career goals, motherhood and the type of character she would love to portray.

Jo-Anne, welcome to ZAlebs, we've hardly seen you host any events, let alone a PJ party what was the occasion for this specific party?

This was a celebration of the 8 years I have served as a television actress. I combined the event with my birthday and there was no other better way for me to celebrate this milestone than to bring in my close friends and fans together.

 I will be hosting more intimate and interactive events with Euphrates Cosmetics as I am the brand ambassador for their Natural Tropic Rain Scrub. I will also continue to partner with other brands such as Mapungubwe Hotel, the hotel group that hosted us on Saturday. This is the beginning of the new ventures, my brand is growing and evolving.

Jo-Anne Reyneke

You seem to enjoy your wardrobe, on "High-Rollers" what's your favourite item of clothing within that particular wardrobe?

There is one specific dress I wore for our publicity shoot, by Pringle. It's the most flattering and sexy dress is ever worn. I’m a Tom girl so to feel comfortable in a dress is a big deal for me. 

On a more personal note, why do you think the public is so interested in your relationship with Thami?

I think it's because we are both well-known and talented in our respective fields. Usually, relationships, especially among people in the industry, don't last more than two years. 

Thami and daughter

Thami has had a successful run on shows like iGazi and Greed & Desire, do you usually help him with his scripts and vice versa?

Absolutely. More so for his Zulu characters. I come in more as a dialect coach than an acting coach because I don't think he needs any help in that regard. And likewise for me and my scripts in High Rollers. 

Photo's: Jo-Anne Reyneke's pyjama party

What's the most important lesson motherhood has taught you thus far?

Patience, structure and discipline. I'm not one for routine, but I realise the importance thereof for my children. 

In terms of your acting career, what is your ideal role?

A classical township character. Who has gone from rags to riches but is still completely township. Example: someone who's command of the English language is horrible but still insists on speaking it, and therefore twangs unnecessarily. I love the realness of such a character. 

Can we expect Jo-Anne on Mzansi Magic anytime soon or even return to Muvhango?

You never say never in this industry, but at this stage in my career is growing and I'm going forward, not looking back. As an avid TV viewer and a fan of the growth of the local acting industry, I'm excited by what Mzansi Magic has been able to do in the last few years. But the future is in God's hands.

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