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Yesterday it was Kgomotso Christopher; today we continue our You Spectacular Awards build up as we chat to Top Billing Presenter, Jonathan Boynton-Lee who is nominated in the 'Favorite New-Comer' Category for the You Spectacular Awards. We discuss this as well as his latest film project! 
You’ve been nominated in the 'favourite new-comer' category for the YOU Spectacular Awards, how does that feel seeing that you’re fairly a new comer in the entertainment industry?
It’s just been a great honour to be nominated amongst so many talented young people with so many twitter followers; it makes me feel as though I’m as important and young again.  I think what also came as a surprise to me is that last year I was presenting an award to Jeannie D and here I am a year later being nominated so the whole experience has been overwhelming and has completely had me in awe.
Speaking of Jeannie D, you once confessed to her being one of your local celebrity crushes, now that you two are colleagues, do you feel any sense of awkwardness around her?
No, not at all we’re very close and when working we just get along amazingly well.  Recently we co-presented the Top Gear Festival, spending the weekend together and it was great she’s just such a good friend to have.
Which celebrity would you like to be seated next to you at this years YOU Spectacular Awards?
[Laughing] I’ve actually never given that a thought, I really don’t know, there’s so many people that I’ve formed connections with and that I’m tight with, it would be unfair to choose one or two particular individuals.  I’d probably just choose to have a little corner by myself.
My most memorable Top Billing moment was when….?
That’s such a difficult question; this past year has just been the best year of my life by far I don’t have one particular episode or interview that has been a highlight, I honestly think that every single Top Billing shoot I’ve had has been a highlight in my currant presenting career and it just keeps getting better.  Being part of Top Billings Dream team I absolutely love it and sometimes I actually have to pinch myself to see if this is actually real it’s still so surreal to me, for a while I didn’t even realise that I was officially a Top Billing presenter because in my head it just sounded ridiculous it really took me a while.  The attention from the ladies is also a bonus too.
Interesting facts that people don’t know about you?
I’ve written and directed many films and music videos.  I’ve also won a Loerie Award for my commercials, I’m also currently writing a script for my new horror movie which is my favourite genre and if everything goes according to plan the crew will be heading off to an island to shoot the film for a couple of weeks.  Writing and directing are also one of my greatest passions which actually compliment my career as a presenter so I can work with both without actually neglecting the other.
ZAlebs was actually surprised to find out that Jonathan was responsible for this hilarious Garmin Hillbillies commercial;

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