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ZAlebs catches up with musician Ziyon.

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With a musical background that has seen him perform across South Africa, musician, Ziyon, has undoubtedly given South African's an archive of his music that we'll play for years to come.

It's only fair that with the amount of music that Ziyon has made, he would offer his fans a number of live performances, lucky for us and his Joburg fans, Ziyon will be performing tonight at the And Club in Newtown alongside the likes of Kenzhero, Kid Fonque and Maria McCloy.

ZAlebs caught up with the artist to let us in on what people can expect from his performance tonight.

"I'll be performing alongside the likes of Kenzhero and Kid Fonque who I respect a lot alongside Maria, it really is just going to be a positive vibe and we're going to have a great time with the music, I'm pretty excited about this show and just to show the fans what I can offer."

Ziyon went on to mention that there will be a lot of special moments he'll be sharing with the audience and is also excited to see how some of his songs will be received by the public.

"I'm excited to see how songs like Look No further and Welcome Aboard get received get received. I like mixing up things a bit with my performances so it should be pretty cool to see how people respond to it."

Ziyon has collaborated with a lot of hip-hop artists such as the likes of Ma-E on the single All Night and with the likes of Jabba and Teargas in the song Born For It, he has mentioned that he is still interested in collaborating with more hip hop artists in the near future.

"Oh of course! Me and Stogie T have worked on something. He did something on my debut album, it's a track called Cool, it's actually on radio right now, but yes definitely there's a lot of cats I would love to do stuff with.

The music industry is known for having a lot of red-tape surrounding it, we delved deeper into our conversation with Ziyon and asked him what frustrations he still has with the music industry and how he hopes artists become elevated from such frustrations.

"I wouldn't necessarily say it's a frustration but a struggle, people know my story about the group (Liquid Deep) breaking up and my struggle with having to re-brand myself and having to deal with just a lot of changes, so for me personally as an artists that were my little struggle to get past.

In terms of just other artists, I feel like we're all at a place where we're just having fun with the music instead of being caught up with whatever critique they may be. Music is just about really having a good time and I feel like that's where South African artists are at right now which is really beautiful."

Glad to see that Ziyon is still enjoying and loving being a musician as a solo artist.

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