KO: Why Cashtime signed Nomuzi Mabena

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | K. O  | Top of The

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Nomuzi Mabena seems to have shaken things up on the SA hip hop scene.

The MTV VJ got a lot of people talking after making her debut on Kid X's Se7en, which was released last Friday (9 March). After the track dropped, people took to social media to express their views on Moozlie's skills as a rapper. Some were impressed while others felt she still has a long way to go.

There was a lot of debate and even established rappers like AKA had something to say about her rapping. One of his tweets read: "If a female rapper is going to blow up this year, they’re going to have to be as good, if not better than a really good male rapper."

He added: "I have faith in Nomuzi. I trust she will put in the work to become the 1st LEGIT local female rap star."

It seems like he's not the only one who believes in the female rapper. Cashtime's KO explained why they signed Nomuzi. In a clip posted on Slikour on Life, he explained: "From a business perspective, we just felt like there's a gap in the industry and we need more females to be active and to be more visible as far as the hip hop fratenity is concerned..." 

KO, who was speaking at the Axecess Jozi press conference, added: "She wasn't necessarily an artist, but we felt like her presence, her personality and overall charisma on stage were crucial ... because I mean she hosts events and she's a TV presenter and her image as well.I mean she just has this X Factor about her." 

He said they felt they could develop her into a natural artist. "She's a quick learner and I think she fits right in perfectly with what we stand for and what we're trying to do. She's business-savvy... What you guys are going to hear from her you're gonna be impressed so look out for that." 

Do you think Nomuzi has what it takes to be one of the country's top MCs? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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