Kabza De Small Called DJ Maphorisa Lite

Tweeps are certainly not happy for his 'arrogancy'

By  | Sep 13, 2022, 03:09 PM  | Kabza De Small  | Top of the

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Twitter is outraged following a live video of Kabza De Small addressing some issues relating to him and Dr Malinga. Tweeps have since called out Kabza De Small for being arrogant, following the vulgar language used.

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Following the news that Dr Malinga revealed on his Podcast and Chill with MacG episode. Mzansi have been up in arms into trying to help him with donations and other things to get him sorted during this trying time. Kabza De Small was one of the people who offered a helping hand to help Dr Malinga.

However, Kabza De Small have been called out for arrogance, following a live video he did on Instagram addressing the issue between him and Dr Malinga's song. The message on the video might have been misconstrued due to the vulgar language used while trying to make sense of the situation at hand.
"This boy has gone too arrogant lately …" wrote Chris Excel
"Is it me, or Kabza has gotten arrogant over the years .." wrote Mcloopz
"Your arrogant now kabza... Phori taught you his arrogancy" wrote Solomom Mabee
"This was scrip was written by Maphorisa Kabza has turned to be Maphorisa Lite Ra bereka Le bolella nnywana Music ke Game Phoris exact words" wrote Trevor Rakaki
"If I were Malinga I would distance myself from Kabza. The fame has gotten into his head. He is arrogant and looks down on other people. I will save this video so when he needs help one day I remind him about his words" wrote Talent 4 Realz
In the same toke, other tweeps believe that Kabza De Small has a point to what he is relaying to the public. While claiming that it wasn't Kabza De Small's duty to revive Dr Malinga's career nor to help him out with his financial woes with the South African Revenue Services.

"Kabza has a point cause really, where was he when Dr Malinga was at the peak of his career. Really not fair having people being entitled for Kabza to resuscitate that guy's career cause no one gave Kabza that courtesy when he wanted to be where he is today" wrote Axe Is King
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