Mzansi Men Disown Kabza

His raunchy video raises eyebrows

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Kabza De Small has given a lot of homophobes some heart palpitations following a raunchy video shared on his Twitter account. The Scorpion King shared a video of himself doing a dance, caressing a bottle that was held against a male friends crotch.

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Kabelo Motha is known for having a very goofy sense of humour. He often shares videos that leave people in stitches, but the latest video dropped a lot of jaws.
The video received mixed reactions from people with some waiting for him to 'come out of the closet', but others are laughing a long with the Amapiano pioneer. The joke clearly flew over many people's heads, so Kabza quickly shared another video of women doing the exact same dance.

Lasizwe told people to take a chill pill, "Kabza is doing the lords work! These dance moves must be normalize amongst men angithi nithi" No Homo" after soooo... there is nothing wrong hawu."

Mr Jazzi Q, popular Amapiano DJ, also did the exact same dance but he did it first, "First it was Kabza, now it's Mr JazziQ. I guess this is officially our new amapiano dance here in Mzansi."

Many came to his defense, saying homophobic men are exposing themselves, "Something about the way you guys are reacting to Kabza’s video is exposing you guys."

Sunday Twitter was indeed a mess as cover girl Mihali Ndamase was also trending for her twerking. She and a few friends were celebrating her feature on a cover of Career Magazine at club Sucasa on Saturday. Her friend shared a video of her twerking on top of tables.

Her video was deemed inappropriate by some men who dragged Mihlali, β€œI’d never allow my girlfriend to do this out in public,” a Twitter user wrote.
Mihlali clapped back saying the man is just insecure, β€œLuckily you never have to worry about that because I’m not yours and I’ll never belong to an insecure prick like you.”

Mihlali's content creation is top tier because sis trends for just posting a super revealing bikini. Her sexualising her body makes many men uncomfortable. She once had a TMI moment when a tweet revealed too much about her sex life. "y’all need to watch my YT videos more so you can understand my personality. I’m a joker, I love talking sh*% and laughing. Life isn’t that serious, have fun, live a little," she responded at the time.

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