Tweeps Thirst Over Katlego Danke's Picture

She could pass for 26

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Image of Katlego Danke
Gomora star Katlego Danke has shut down the internet after a picture of her went viral. No, she did not post a thirst trap. Many celebrities often post seductive pictures of themselves online, but Katlego rarely does.

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For the amount of attention her post is getting, one would imagine that she posted a bikini photo or something more revealing or seductive. But no, surprisingly, no she did not. It was literally just a selfie, but fans are falling over each other trying to shoot their shot at the star. Yes, she is just that gorgeous. It takes a queen to create such a furore over a simple selfie online. 
The first thing that tweeps noticed about the picture is how young she looks. The Isidingo star just turned 43 a few days ago, but she does not look a day over 26, as one fan pointed out. Fans are ready to risk it all for the beautiful actress, and they are letting her know as much on Twitter. They are not fazed by her age, and some even consider it an asset. One fan has told her that she would make an ideal cougar, which… ummh… we’ll let you decide what to do with that one.

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Katlego Danke gained notoriety for her role as Dineo Mashaba on the 1993 to 2014 soap opera Generations, and climbed her way to the top of the list of local actresses. When the show ended, she became a presenter on Lotto, before she joined the cast of soapie Isidingo, which premiered in 1998, as Kgothalo. 

The actress keeps her life largely private. She rarely makes headlines because of the low key life she has chosen to live, despite being a renowned and well loved celebrity. She also rarely posts online, except when sharing pictures or when talking about something deeply important to her. She recently went online to mourn her friend popular South African-Zimbabwean physician Dr Sindi van Syl. 

The last time she made headlines for a controversial dramatic reason was when she was pregnant and her Generations co-stars expected it to make her very difficult to work with. Apparently, according to the source, she thinks too highly of herself and is regularly arrogant towards crew members, and was at one point now even talking to one of her co-stars. 

Whatever her attitude may be according to her co-stars and crew members who have worked with her, one thing about Katlego Danke remains undisputed. Her face card has never declined. Serve us, sis! 

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