Katlego Maboe: "The Allegations About The STD Are Unproven“

Will his career ever recover from this?

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Katlego Maboe was supposed to appear in court on Tuesday for breaching the protection order taken out against by his ex wife Monique. Speaking to IOL Entertainment, Maboe still stand his latest statement and denies abusing Monique. He says he is fully committed to follow the course of the law. 

“I’m respecting the legal process and everyone involved and not compromising anyone or bringing anyone into disrepute,” 

On the STD issue, Katlego says: "The allegations about the STD are unproven.“

As the saying goes, when it rains it pours. At the moment Katlego Maboe is going through the most because of the bombshell revelations that were exposed by his wife as if that wasn't enough, he has been exposed for yet another career crushing scandal.

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Social commentator, Kgopolo Mphela recently shared some hot tea about Katlego, which involves even more cheating allegations.

Katlego may be in for a much longer ride when it comes to more brands discontinuing work with him, his cheating in a separate incident has been exposed and this time he may not survive.

"BRANDS: Katlego Maboe’s alleged sex dalliance with competition winner could end his career

New revelations in You Mag allege— Maboe, as Lay’s Chips ambassador at the time, had sex in a hotel in Kiev with a woman who won competition hosted by the brand


"While the cheating & STD revelations were a private matter and Maboe could have survived it, latest revelations alleging he used his position for sex may be harder to overcome. 

The sex was reportedly consensual but this will hurt his chances of ever working with brands"

It hasn't been that long since he was seen live on a leaked video of him admitting to having stepped out on his wife and possibly infected her with an STD that might have affected her fertility. When the story first broke, Katlego was at the receiving end of the backlash. Feminists were dragging him through the mud for being the quintessential men-are-trash archetype. Black women hated him for not only marrying a “non-sister.” And then he went on to choose to step out on the “non-sister” with another “non-sister.” Katlego through his actions made sure we all know that he has a type. Well, except that rumoured time with former SABC 3 personality, Lorna Maseko.

All the drama caused tweeps to call for Katlego to be dropped from his Outsurance deal and from Espresso, but some tweeps vowed to cancel their Outsurance contracts if the insurance company dared to drop the media personality. Outsurance did eventually remove all of his ads on their platforms and Espresso decided to suspend him until the abuse allegations have been cleared.

These fresh revelations seem like another exposure from his wife, even though she is yet to say anything. His television career may well be over the allegations are true because more brands will try and distance themselves from him. Even though it may be his personal life, sleeping with a contestant of one of the brands he has worked with will not be easily brushed aside.

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