Keeping up with the Gumbis

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They sat down with Slikour Online to discuss what it is about the family that keeps people talking.

Trevor's sons Jamie and Jodie are convinced that they are not only the brains of the family, but also the head of the household.

Why? Because in the words of Jodie, they do a lot of stuff that their parents don’t do – like play sports.

Aah, bless his little soul.

It looks like Jodie is the real star of the family and might just have his dad’s comedic timing – even if it is just by accident.

When Slikour asked Trevor if his kids were aware of how crazy he was once upon a time, Jodie quickly replied, “Yes…he used to kill chickens”.

But Slikour was actually referring to Trevor’s drug abuse past

“I shielded them from the abuse of narcotics. They know a bit about it. But I don’t think they are at the capacity yet to fully understand,” he admitted.

They’re not the Kardashians, though Trevor believes his wife has the Kardashian booty.

So why a reality show? Lucille Gumbi, who we think is the real head of the household, put it simply: “We’ve got an interesting dynamic among the four of us. There’s a bit of crazy [and] a bit of serious."

If the family’s Instagram accounts are anything to go by, we’re in for an exciting reality show.

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