"Mzansi Must Start Drafting An Apology To Kelly Khumalo"

This comes after it has been revealed that it was Longwe Twala who pulled the trigger

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Although nothing is set in stone but following the new evidence that was heard at the Pretoria High Court, some tweeps are convinced that Mzansi owes Kelly Khumalo an apology.

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Twitter is abuzz while tweeps are debating following another tweep that has said singer and reality TV star Kelly Khumalo has been wronged this entire time. During Senzo Meyiwa's childhood friend's testimony Tumelo Madlala, some tweeps have concluded by claiming that Mzansi owes Kelly Khumalo an apology.

"Mzansi must start drafting an apology to Kelly Khumalo #SenzoMeyiwatrial" wrote Lerato Mabuza
This change of heart towards Kelly Khumalo comes after a statement that was approved by Tumelo Madlala which suggested that Longwe Twala, the son of musician Chicco Twala, killed Senzo Meyiwa and fled the scene.

Meanwhile other tweeps are still convinced that Kelly Khumalo is somehow guilty to a certain extent, which includes but not limited to concealing evidence by not speaking up sooner as well as defeating the ends of justice.

Meyiwa's murder trial has been going on for years and already four suspects are behind bars, serving time for allegedly shooting and killing Senzo Meyiwa, at Kelly Khumalo's home in Voolslorus back in 2014.

"She must still face criminal charges though" wrote Chardwell
"Hebanna if she did not pull the trigger, she defeated the ends of Justice that on its own is a jail term, another beautiful one did it again" wrote Mabob
"What apology? I was watching today's proceedings in court. Her lawyer's move made things worse for her. That letter they wrote is a sign of panic" wrote Katlego Kenneth Molelekwa
"Stop preaching things you don't know. It is clear that this case is bigger than our minds. It is in the hands of a mafia state. Anyway who doesn't see that South Africa is a lawlessness country" wrote Mokuru Son of the Soil
An argument erupted in court when Kelly Khumalo's attorney submitted a letter requesting access to Senzo Meyiwa's murder trial documents. Advocate Zandile Mshololo rubbished the request by explaining to Judge Maumela that Khumalo's presence would cause hindrance in court.

""There is no prejudice that will be suffered by Miss Kelly Khumalo If her watching brief is not allowed in this court. Above that my Lord, this case is broadcasted My Lord, that on its own has compromised this trial, because they are watching and we have no control over that My Lord. Above that, she still wants a legal representative for herself to come and sit here for what good reason My Lord" said Advocate Zandile Mshololo

Cross examinations of witnesses continues.

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