Kelly Khumalo Is Still The Boss

Berry should learn from the best

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Kelly Khumalo really did not lie when she said she is ‘Her Vocal Highness’, and she has been steadily proving it every time she opens her mouth to sing. But you don’t have to take our word for it, see for yourself.

The singer is celebrating three new wins under her belt, all of which arrived simultaneously. Yes, you heard that right. She has three new awards, all from the same organization, and all given on the same day. 

RiSA Certifications Screenshot

She recently took to social media to celebrate the wins. Three of her songs - Esphambanweni and Ngathwala Ngaye - just received RiSA gold awards, while Empini scored a RiSA double platinum award. For context, a double platinum means the song went platinum twice - that is, it sold 2 million copies or more. A gold award means that the two songs sold over 500,000 copies each.
The achievement is no small feat, as you can imagine. It is clear that Kelly works insanely hard. At any one time, she has at least three moving pieces. In addition to her singing career, she has dabbled in acting, most recently appearing in an episode of House of Zwide. She also recently announced a new line of skincare products in partnership with V4VITALITY Aesthetics, called Kelly Khumalo Skin. The line is set to be launched officially at a picnic event that she has publicized extensively on her social media platforms.

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She also just got invited to replace Somizi Mhlongo as the guest chef at the reopening of Garwe restaurant in Zimbabwe, after he was banned from the country following homophobic sentiments from the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe.

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While we think everything she touches turns to gold, tweeps were recently angry at the musician following her appearance as a guest judge on Idols SA. The outrage started because of her feedback to Berry, who seems to be one of the fan favourites on the show.

Kelly had all negative comments for Berry after her performance, and many Berry diehards felt she was too harsh to the upcoming talent. In a rage, Kelly was viciously attacked on social media, with many fans implying that she had no right to speak that way to Berry.
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Some even went as far as to suggest that she was mean to Berry because she was jealous, to which Kelly stans responded “why would Kelly be jealous of Berry?” Now, we have nothing against Berry - she is a great singer too. But Kelly is an established icon in her own right, so yes, why would she be jealous of Berry? Maybe she could have been a little nicer, but she just won three awards back-to-back, in one night.
Succeeding in your craft is difficult, Berry. Perhaps Kelly was just offering some tough love. It’s not personal. 

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