Kelly Khumalo Slams Fake Prophets

"They bring nothing but distraction"

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Award-winning singer Kelly Khumalo has had enough with fake prophets. She took to Instagram to put them on blast saying if they are going to try her, they better come with "receipts."

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"So I was not going to address this but me being me I am not a coward, never was and never will be," she said starting her video.

Kelly said she is a child of God and she has access to things that other people do not have access to so she will not be fooled by fake prophets.

"You know those ones, fake prophets with their visions, premonitions, prophetic nonsense they like to just give information. My sweet if you are going to come at me with those things, I want receipts.

"Also I am a child of God, I am a child of the holy spirit it means I have access to things that some people do not have access to," she added.

She said all she needs to do is ask God if the information in the prophecy is true or not, then she will know. She continued: "...because all these fake prophets they bring nothing but distraction. They never prophesy beautiful things."

Using her popular Russian accent, Kelly has been addressing important issues on her social media platforms. A few days ago she spoke about women who fight one another for "stealing" their men.

"How can you steal a whole human being, it's not possible. Why is it that us women, when we find out our husband or boyfriend or situationship is cheating and the first thing you want to do is dock the girl? Why don't you dock the MF that you are sleeping with? Don't be a hypocrite because he jumps over you and finds someone else, but you want to dock the other girl, sies," she said.

She continued to say, “If you come for me and you don’t go for your boyfriend or situationship or husband, and you’re coming for me, you’re going to get what you’re looking for. I’m going to beat the living daylight out of you. Not because I’m fighting for the man, I’m beating foolishness out of you, and when I’m finished with you, I’m going to go for your husband or whatever sh*t you have in your house, and go for him, then leave both of you, just to teach you a lesson that you go for your bullshit, not me.”

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