Kenny Kunene the DJ?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kenny Kunene  | Top of The

A recent attempt by sushi socialite Kenny Kunene to drum up support for his new political party, by showing off his turntable prowess at a nightclub, reportedly fell flat on its face.

According to the Sowetan, punters at Jozi club Stoepong in Alexandra were not in the least bit impressed by DJ Kenny's choice of music.

"Kenny is boring," said partygoer Ben Manganyi.

"What he is playing now is meant for late night. The thing is when he plays, he wants attention. He likes attention.

"Tonight he took the volume up and tried to get people more hyped, but it didn't work."

Kunene defended himself against this no-nonsense criticism though, saying it's not necessarily the time he chose to play the music, but rather preferences as to his choice genre of "deep house".

Said the businessman-turned-politician: "When it comes to deep house music, some people prefer songs they know, but you also get people who want songs that they do not know. That place is where people go for deep house.

"I do not get paid but play for the love and the people. I am from a township and enjoy partying in my township. That's my second home."

Kunene reportedly admitted that he was spinning the decks in an effort to garner Patriotic Alliance voters, but added that this doesn't take away from his passion for DJing.

"I do not play golf, my brother," said Kenny.

"My hobby is music and being a DJ. Just because I am a politician doesn't mean I must abandon things that I love."