Khanyi Mbau Finds Herself In A Very Sticky Situation

While she gets attacked by fans over a picture she posted

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Nobody was expecting this amount of shade while media personality and actress Khanyi Mbau is feeling herself on social media. Things immediately took a very wrong turn as she is met with a difficult fan who wasn't jumping for joy at what the star posted.

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Khanyi Mbau finds herself in a predicament that nobody wishes to be in at any given point as she gets attacked by a not so very thrilled fan on Instagram. Mbau who has posted a picture of herself, feeling cute and dressed up did not expect the amount of shade to be thrown at her, and so does everybody else.

One very difficult fan whom evidently isn't jumping for joy at what Khanyi Mbau has posted, blatantly calls out Khanyi Mbau and it is not a good look at all. Taking to social media, Khanyi Mbau had just posted a picture of herself with a very controversial caption as she talks about her elbow that has been on everyone's lips since the star has undergone skin bleaching to gain more lighter complexion.

"elbow gone strong 😂 💪🏽" wrote Khanyi Mbau

While other fans are singing Khanyi Mbau praises and showering her with all the cute and kind compliments, one difficult fan did not mince their words as they went for the jugular at The Wife actress and called her not so very young anymore.

Edith Mamboma blatantly put it straight without mincing her words that Khanyi Mbau is old now. Taking under comments, Edith lambast the actress and age shame her wile she calls tells her she is "very old now"

edithmamboma wrote "Yoooo ugugile now"

Khanyi Mbau has been very vocal with her skin bleaching journey in the past. Even after being criticized and scrutinized for not loving herself hence she skin bleached. She has at every point defended decision as she has also stated that it had nothing to do with hating on her brown complexion. However, she did skin bleached because she wanted to and she loves it.

In the same breath, another unhappy fan with Khanyi Mbau's skin bleaching journey has lambasted the star and made a very big comparison of Khanyi Mbau to the late international superstar Micheal Jackson. The queen of pop had also enhanced his image and skin color before he passed and ever since Khanyi Mbau embarked on her skin bleaching journey, she has been compared and called Micheal Jackson

mpilo_mthiya wrote "Michael Jackson wethu 😂😂😂"

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Recently Khanyi Mbau and her brother Lasizwe Dambuza were rumored to be feuding. This comes after the pair have unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, the rumors of the pair not getting along have been cleared not to be true, both Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe Dambuza have only decided to unfollow each other because Khanyi Mbau does not engage in Lasizwe's content.

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