#ZAlebsExclusive: Khanyi Mbau talks fame, radio and her relationship with Tebogo Lerole

The Queen of Bling is getting candid.  

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Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau is undeniably one of the most hardworking personalities in the entertainment industry, having maintained her relevance for years, we’ve seen her reinvent her brand. We were recently afforded the opportunity to catch up with the icon on the Tropika Smoooth Fan set to talk about matters that her fans have been questioning her about.

The media personality expressed that she felt her relevance within the industry has been sustained by her consistently being true to herself.  “Once you’re given an opportunity to entertain you just need to be, and I think the only reason why South Africa has kept my story and they keep passing it down to the next generation... People of so many different ages know about Khanyi Mbau," she said during our catch-up with her. 

She said she's opened up the doors to her personal life to show people what she's going through when she does certain things. "I’ve allowed people to also have a say in what I do because I’m employed by them, so I allow them to be a part of it." 

The star's rise to fame is one of the most controversial stories that have ever been birthed in Mzansi. One thing about her that she unashamedly speaks about is the fact that she owns her story; both the darkest moments and her glory moments.

“It’s my darkest periods that have proven my character... My darkest moments are my aha moments… I think my darkest moments for me are my most honest moments but people never understand them, I’m one of South Africa’s biggest ridiculed brands in the country...I’m one person who believes in reinvention, self-perfection, meaning; you are perfect in the picture that you see for yourself," she told ZAlebs. 

Khanyi sports

If you follow the mother of one, you'll know that her level of chill is one aspect of her character that is bound to keep you glued to her, brand because whatever trolls might throw at her she is not one to shy away from clapping back. 

“I answer all of them on Twitter... I fetch. The biggest misconception about me is that I’m still hungry for this thing called fame and people don’t understand that when you’ve reached this level of fame or you’ve passed that phase, you’re content," she said, adding that she doesn't think you can reach a bigger level of fame than this. 

"You can’t get more famous than this, especially in South Africa, unless if you go abroad like Trevor Noah, and that’s just God level." 

Regardless of how many trolls have questioned Mbau’s talent - especially in the radio space - she mentioned that many had forgotten that Metro FM was not her first radio gig, and that she is still looking to apply for a slot on the same station again, in spite of the backlash she might receive. Last year, Khanyi co-hosted a show on Metro FM alongside Somizi and Ntombi Ngcobo. However, listeners were really not impressed. 

“I loved radio, it was a great experience," she shared, adding that she's not one person to do something for money. "If my being is compromised then I can’t be there... The interest is still there and I will apply again when the new lineup comes up next year, depending on what the structure is." 

Many personalities in Mzansi have launched quite a number of autobiographies in the past couple of years, but one thing you should know is that Khanyi was one of the pioneers of the trend when she launched her book B*tch, please! I’m Khanyi Mbau in 2012, based on her rich and famous lifestyle. 

She said she wants her second book to focus on her life as a mother, and how she has moulded herself to fit the ever-changing culture of the industry. 

“I’m thinking [when I am] thirty-five [years old]... I pace myself because I look at the turn of events... Now it’s about being a mom after all of that, coming into the industry dealing with how the culture has also changed... So, it’s a report of all of that and being me and also changing into the culture.”

Khanyi Mbau and Tebogo Lerole spotted together

Earlier this year Khanyi took to her social pages sharing an emotional message, confirming that she and her long-time boyfriend, Tebogo Lerole had decided to part ways. Although some people might have thought that their split was a publicity stunt, she is adamant that she had shared one of the most honest and real events in her life.

She said: “That was not planned, that was an organic feeling that I wet through, there are times where a relationship is tested...that message was truly honest...it was a test, I couldn’t…”

Later, after they were spotted at different events on various occasions together, rumours of them having rekindled their romance surfaced. The media personality opened up about how Tebogo had fought to get back together with her.

She explained that she didn’t control how she met him. "That's how I treat my relationship. Once we saw each other, the feelings were still there and what's the use of having pride and acting like you don’t care cause that will affect me in the long run, and I’m too old for pretenses anymore." 

Khanyi admitted that it was difficult. "I gave him a hard time but it worked itself out and we didn’t fight it… If a man loves you, he will fight for you, and he [Tebogo] fought.”

Catch part two of our interview with Khanyi on Tuesday. 

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