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Khotso’s mom Thobeka recently took to Instagram to gush over her baby. First, she shared a story where Cassper and Khotso were seen singing the If You’re Happy And You Know It song.

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"My son is 8 months yet so bright and responsive. He literally mimics everything we do. He started sitting at 4 months old, crawling at 6 months and now he’s already standing on his own. Even the dancing is on beat." She posted.

This past weekend, Khotso’s father Cassper Nyovest took to social media to share an up-close snap of his son. What made the image special was that it was more up close and intimate. Cassper had taken his son to the barber to get a haircut – it wasn’t just any haircut – it a ponytail like the one Nyovest first had when he blew up.

"Gave the boy his first haircut today and I just had to give it a lil 2015 Nyovest flavour. He is my son, I can do whatever I want!!! He is gonna hate me for this when he grows up doe!!! Sorry boy, your daddy a lil crazy!!!"

Just like Cassper’s followers, Thobeka was also shocked to see that their son was already growing ponytails. “Omg! How? I’m never leaving you alone with my son!” she reacted.

The couple first announced that in June that they were pregnant with their first child. Upon sharing the exciting news, they revealed that Cassper would be dropping a new album titled ‘Any Minute Now’ and used Khotso’s sonogram as the album cover.

“Look inside yourself Simba, you are more than what you have become, you must take your place in the circle of life. Remember who you are… remember… You are my son and the one true King.” Mufasa, The Lion King,” shared Thobeka.

Excited to be a first-time dad, Nyovest also announced on social media that he was going to be a father. “I'm going to be a father Any Minute Now so I decided to name my album #AMN (Any Minute Now). The album drops on the 11th of September and the album cover is an actual scan of my son in his beautiful mother's womb. Look at him, already stunting like his daddy!!! I'm so excited about this album but I'm more excited about being a father to a beautiful baby boy. #AMN the album drops September 11th.” He posted.

Main Picture Credit: Thobeka Instagram Account
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