"I’ll Just Keep Praying For You Bru" Youngsta CPT

Youngsta CPT get his flowers for keeping AKA's name alive

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Rapper Youngsta CPT continues to remember and celebrate his best friend and the late rapper, Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes. Youngsta CPT have always been very vocal about bringing justice and continues to rally behind the #JusticeForAKA movement.

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It appears some days are worst than the other for rapper and close friend of the late AKA, Youngsta CPT. And while a number of people gravely lost after his passing but without a doubt that who were closest to him felt the most pain.

The Forbes family, industry friends, girlfriend Nadia Nakai and scores of AKA's fans continues to collectively demand justice for his murder. As reports are already swirling around surrounding with the  developments and the breakthrough the police have made with arrests. However, those claims have also been dismissed as they have been classified as false.

Youngsta CPT takes to social media to remember the late slain rapper, AKA. He mentions how he will continues to pray for him even though he is already on the other side.

"I’ll just keep praying for you bru" wrote Youngsta CPT
Scores of fans and tweeps at large also continues to remember and celebrate the life of AKA. They have since applauded Youngsta CPT for his relentless compassion for bringing about justice for the murder of AKA. As recently, Da L.E.S came under fire for his silence and lack of compassion for the #JusticeForAKA movement.

"Some of his day ones are too tired from yawning and stretching. Thank you" wrote Bubble Blue Babe
"Saw him 2019 when u'ce were shooting Main Ous but I never greet, nothin of Pride. Just never wanted meet and greet. Wanted meet and feast Nevertheless #LongLiveSupaMega #JusticeForAKA" wrote Stunna
"I'm sure wherever he is, he wishes you can join him very soon. You guys are the real deal 'izinja zegame'" wrote Msawuti
"Bra I’ve gained absolutely new respect for you!!!Please release something ‘that’s from the heart” as a tribute for SupaMega please???" wrote TaWilly
The Forbes family have issued a statement asking for patience while the police are still busy with their investigations. This of course comes after the claims that 3 suspects has already been apprehended for the brutal murder of AKA.

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