Cassper Provokes 'Princess Kaybee'

Prince: "I have beeen wanting to f**k you up"

By  | May 25, 2021, 02:40 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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What has Cassper Nyovest gotten himself in? What seemed like an innocent interaction with his fans turned into a whole mess when other celebrities chimed. Not only does Big Xhosa want to fight him in the ring, his rival Prince Kaybee also wants to teach him a lesson.

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At some point Cassper and his biggest nemesis AKA were going to give fans the fight of the century. As much as Cassper was looking forward to the fight, much to his disappointment that did not take place. The whole purpose of fighting in the ring for Cassper was to settle their differences. Because he is an iconic figure, he cannot fumble his bags by street fighting.

Last night he expressed his eagerness to see celebrities fighting it out in the ring just like how Americans are doing it. They do not necessarily have to be rivals, but just for entertainment purposes and to make huge amounts of money.

His comments were followed by a question which asked who did his followers wished to see in the ring. Suggestions were made till he provoked Big Xhosa by saying he is not a celebrity. After a steamy back and forth, they have agreed to battle it out in the ring.

Now, Cassper provoked his rival, who he has now unblocked on Twitter, "Princess Kaybee" by saying he has been saying a lot of bad stuff about him, he just hopes he has the guts to fight him in the ring.

"I been tweeting about #CelebrityBoxing since last night and the fights people would want to see. A lot of people are saying me and Princess (Prince) Kaybee. I know he likes talking big shit but I don't think he has the guts to get in the ring with me. If he is game, I'm definitely game," said Cass.

An equally eager Prince, who also seems enraged, agreed to getting in the ring but promised to screw him over. "Lol ehhh you unblocked me? I HAVE BEEEEEEEN WANTING TO FUCK YOU UP, Thank God!"

Cassper then said his people will contact Prince Kaybees' and they will negotiate on a date. "Let's goooooooooo!!!!!! I know you been wanting my attention, you have it now.. Let's pick a date and run it!!! My people will call yours and we pick a date," he said and Prince Kaybee responded back by saying he only wants his jawline, "Not your attention but your jawline, MOERR KE THABILE MASEPA..., call us please!!!!!"

The Wa Jelwa hitmaker continued to throw virtual punches at Cassper by dissing his height, "I don’t even want money, In fact I’m gonna donate all that stash. All I want is that short MF nxa..."

He also hoped Cassper is not only doing this for show and clout because he seriously wants him in the ring, "I hope and pray to GOD this is not another PR STUNT, so help me God. Enough talking, see you in the ring mate."
Fans have been weighing in on the fight, saying who they support and who they bet their monies on. Many are leaning towards Prince Kaybee. Who do you think could take the championship home?

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