#TholukhutiHey: KillerKau still shocked at the positive response from the public

He's an overnight sensation that is enjoying every minute of his new found fame.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Killer Kau  | Top of The


The #TholukhutiHey hash tag might be annoying some of you but you'll just have to be strong because hey, this trend and song is about to be one of December's biggest hit. If social media is anything to go by.

17-year-old Killer Kau alongside Mbali who were both invited by Euphonik at his home-studio after he came across their remix of the #TholukhutiHey song have been experiencing a lot of attention from the public. So much so, that Killer Kau was even interviewed on Metro FM's The Drive with Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu.

Mbali was also requested for an interview on the show, but her mother had declined the interview as Mbali was busy with home work (both social media sensations are still in high school)

Speaking to Mo and Masechaba, Killer Kau expressed that he was very humbled at the sudden attention he's been receiving from the song. The high school student even mentioned that after he and Euphonik had worked on the song until the early hours of the morning, he returned home to his crying mom who also could not believe the turn of events that had fallen upon her son.

Euphonik has confirmed that Killer Kau and Mbali will be performing the song on Live Amp this Friday. And has been reaching deep into his black book of contacts to help the kids shoot their #TholukhutiHey music video.


During the interview, Killer Kau confirmed that people have already begun booking him for shows as well.

Image Credit: Praise Majwafi