Kwela Tebza to host their first annual Summer Splash Soweto Music and Food Festival.

Kwela Tebza honours their hometown

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Kwela Tebza to host their first annual Summer Splash Soweto Music and Food Festival.

The group is well known for playing the penny-whistle and it made them stand out from the crowd, the group's music is mostly contemporary with a Sophiatown feel.

It’s been almost eight years since Kwela Tebza released an album, but Tshepo, Tebogo and Mpho have found other ways to make money apart from making music. The trio have gotten into the business of hosting events and this year they will host their first annual SUMMER SPLASH SOWETO Music and Food  Festival.

The festival will be held in the heart of Soweto, Mofolo Park also known as five roses on Saturday and Sunday December 16th and 17th. It was very important for the Lerole’s to host the first one in their hometown where they were born as a Thank you to the streets of Soweto for raising them.

The idea basically came from the fact that we’re from Soweto and we thought that we’ve never really done anything for Soweto in terms of hosting events. Most of the events we host  are in the north side and we’ve been in the business of events for quite a while now, but we’ve never really hosted any of them  in Soweto. We thought that it would be a great idea to do something for our Soweto people because you also know that any child who starts work, the first pay cheque goes back home and that is basically what we are doing. We are rectifying a mistake that we made many years ago so we’re taking it back to our home town”.  Explained Tebogo.

Summer Splash Soweto is calling on all of Mzansi to come celebrate the spirit of coming together in entertainment and a blend of foods that satisfy all tastes, whether traditional or contemporary. The day will be jam packed with music from most of our faves such as Kwesta, AKA, Mafikizolo, Ricky Rick, Khanyi Mbau and Kwela Tebza amongst many more.

Some may think that it’s a bad idea to work with family or mix business and pleasure but Kwela Tebza have their parents to thank for the way in which they work so well together.

I have to thank my parents for that because from day one they have been the glue to my siblings and I. From our sister all the way down to our youngest brother, we work very well together and that doesn’t mean we don’t fight or disagree but we were taught to deal with conflict amongst ourselves at a really young age.We argue for many reasons but we always have a middleman to help solve our problem and we also don’t hold grudges. Our parents raised us to be very close and we did everything together, we were one another's friends and we spent most of our time together and nobody can come between us. When we have a problem we speak openly and we resolve the issue there and then’

Kwela Tebza to host their first annual Summer Splash Soweto Music and Food Festival.

Tebogo and Khanyi have been together for eight years and they too have learned to separate business from pleasure.

Speaking of their families he said, "Khayi’s family is my family and my family is hers, She’s the Libra and I’m the Gemini, I’m more of an introvert and the quiet one and she’s more like the fire starter, so we have an amazing synergy amongst the two of us. We complement one another and we’ve been through a lot and we’re focused on one goal, the aim is to love one another, care for one another, protect one another, work together, make more money , have more children together , get married and just grow old together

The brothers are really excited about this event and are expecting at least 20 000 people to show up and celebrate their day of Reconciliation with them.

Next year, there are some big plans for not only Kwela Tebza’s music career but we might hear a collaboration with them and Khanyi sooner than we thought.

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