L-Tido Pens Heartfelt Message To His Mother

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A very grateful L-Tido has penned a heartlfelt message to his mother thanking her for everything that his mother did for him an the way that she raised him. The rapper posted a picture of himself and his mother  penned a message on Instagram

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In the post the rapper penned a heartfelt message where he wrote

"Thank you for everything mama . You the most selfless and strongest women on earth . You raised me as a single parent in Alexandra and regardless of our struggles and circumstances , you made sure you took me to the best schools and provided for me in so many ways . I love you and appreciate you so much . My life’s mission is to take care of you 🌺 i just wanna make you proud mama"

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The rapper in his post revealed that his mother was a single parent and she faced many struggles while raising the No Favors hitmarker in the township of Alexandra but made sure that he went to the best schools and provided for him. He also said he wants to make his mother proud. 

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