Lvovo shoots his shot at Thickleeyonce

It looks like L'vovo has his eyes set on Lee

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L'vovo's sick and tired of people sleeping on him and he's going out of his way to get the respect and the love he deserves. 

On his usual wisdom filled tirade on Twitter, the 'Bayang'sukela' hitmaker did a side step to state how he was feeling a little lonely as a plus-size person because people always bring his weight into the conversation of finding a partner.

But just to show that he's not a complainer, he took matters into his own hands and decided to shoot his shot. Who's the lucky lady he has his eye on? Well, she goes by the name Thickleeyonce. He started shooting his shot with something subtle, throwing a young 'Heyyyyyy'. 

Which he quickly followed up with a young goodnight...

In response, Thickleeyonce gave the musician's shots a few eye emojis..

...and an 'Lol'

Could this be the beginning of something special? The Twitter streets, being as relentless as they are have even come up with a name for this new union...

We do wonder. Stay tuned as we'll keep you updated on the status of the possibility of this new union. 

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