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Out with the old, and in with the new!

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When a reality show opens massive doors, you know the star is about to shine brighter. LaConco might be known as former president Jacob Zuma's ex fiancé and baby mama, but the girl has been working hard at making her mark in the business field, and now, at being a celebrity.

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Phil Mphela has announced that Nonkanyiso Conco, also known as LaConco will be hosting Mzansi Magic's Ingan’ Yam which has been picked up for season 2.

LaConco replaces LeJoy from Real Housewives Of Johannesburg, who hosted the debut season.

Phil also reported on the 2022 content Multichoice has to offer. A few announcements are that the Big Brother Mzansi prize money is a whopping R2 million and viewers across Africa can watch.

Regarding the Real Housewives Of Johannesburg, the ladies are making a comeback in April next year and Phil says fans will be treated to 14 new episodes.

Another point of interest is that Mzansi Magic's The Republic will be making a return next year with some hot twists and turns, "The Tshedza Pictures produced drama series has been renewed for another season. Season 2 will have President Mulaudzi won a second term and  a ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ esque couple enters the show to wreak havoc," wrote Phil.

Nonkanyiso was part of the first season of RHOD and made a statement. She instantly became a fan favourite as her aura reeked sophistication. She was close with Ayanda Ncwane but with her gone, who is she going to be close with?

Yes, Ayanda has ditched RHOD and even dissed the reality show, speaking to Daily Sun, Ayanda Ncwane said she has built a very big brand for herself, and that just being associated with RHOD, reduces her to just being a housewife.

"I have built my brand and my brand is so big and high for me to be just associated with the show.

“I recently saw a headline that only associated me with the Real Housewives of Durban, and I got annoyed because I have worked so hard building a brand of being a music executive. So for me to be associated with something so small whereas I have worked so hard did not sit well with me, and I decided that the show is not for me as I don’t want to be reduced to just being a housewife, while I have worked so hard for everything that I have,” she revealed.

Before joining, The Zuma family warned her to not spill the beans on their family affairs. A rep told Briefly, “Already the Zuma name is being talked about almost every day in the media. We don’t want any drama as the family. Enough is enough. But we warn her not to bring the Zuma name into disrepute or else she will regret (it). We are really tired now as a family of people who tarnish our name and get away with it. But I’m not in any way saying she will do that,” said Jacob Zuma’s nephew Inkosi Simphiwe Zuma.

"She has the right to do whatever she wants to do as long that doesn’t cause pain to other people. All I’m saying is that she must not say or do things that might harm the Zuma family name, which I think was the ticket for her to get chosen for that role,”
he added.

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