Lady Zamar's Ghost Of Her Past Continues To Haunt Her

Evidently, tweeps have not forgiven what happened

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Singer Lady Zamar still find it difficult to express herself on social media, especially Twitter. As tweeps are continuously bombarding her with reminders of what happened between her and Sjava.

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Tweeps have certainly not forgiven what happened between Lady Zamar and Sjava. Taking to social media to share some of her 'unpopular' opinion about men being the foundation of every relationship.

She wrote a nice message, while hailing men as foundations in every relationships. She continued to eluded that men should be leaders as well as protectors for those they love, especially their families.

"my unpopular opinion: men are the foundation of everything in relationships… a man leads, provides and protects!" wrote Lady Zamar
During her positive and heartfelt note, Lady Zamar have been met with difficult tweeps who are constantly making sure that she is reminded of all her past. Tweeps have accused Lady Zamar of being contradicting and a hypocrite, who allegedly lied on Sjava about her sexual assault.

Evidently, it is very true when they say the internet does not forgiven nor forget. As tweeps are constantly making it difficult for Lady Zamar on social media, while accusing her of lying for rape on Sjava.

"If only you had applied this prior to accusing Sjava" wrote Mangethe Omakhandakhanda
"A girl that can lie about being raped in a country with high rape stats and innocent men behind bars for things they didn’t do is a foundation for all things evil!" wrote Dee Bhengu Sangweni
Some tweeps have turned Lady Zamar's post to use it against her, as they have urged her to go and apologize to Sjava.

"Wena you're a foundation of false rape cases" wrote Medicine
"Then go back to sjava and ask for forgiveness come back and tweet something you know not something you heard" wrote Mr Senya
"Not that I'm being rude or anything Lady Zamar but sis you actually publicly apologize for what you did? I know it's none of our business but yall are public figures & I feel like we as the public also deserved a public apology for the saga you uprooted?" wrote Lethlohonolo
In another tweet, Lady Zamar talks about forgiven and mending broken hearts and fixing the things between people. Whether this is her expression of what happened between her and Sjava, only she knows.

"an honest and heartfelt apology goes a long way in mending broken hearts and fixing things between people!" wrote Lady Zamar

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