Meet The Man Allegedly Accused Of Destroying Zola 7's Career

The ghosts of the past are haunting the music legend

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Twitter is abuzz as tweeps are remembering the music legend accused of allegedly destroying many South African artists careers with drugs. Lance Stehr is feeling the wrath of tweeps as they are calling for justice for all the crimes he has been accused of.

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Music veteran and Muthaland and Ghetto Ruff CEO and Founder Lance Stehr is taken down memory lane as tweeps are calling out for justice over the alleged crimes of his past. It is very true when they say the internet does not forget as Lance Stehr finds himself in steaming hot water for allegedly destroying music legend career, Zola 7.

Taking to social media, tweeps are breathing fire down Lance Stehr's neck as they are reminding him that he is not as clean as a whistle while demanding justice for his alleged past crimes. Lance Stehr was once Zola 7's boss and the drama unfolded between the two is also the cause that demised Zola 7's successful music careers that Lance Stehr is allegedly accused of over Zola 7 and many other artists under his wing.

"I remember Zola 7 on macG's podcast being emotional when they asked him about @lancestehr#HandsOffBlackExcellence" wrote Thelumusa Nkosi
"Do yall remember what @lancestehr did to Zola? if you do, then you know how this guy is destroying dreams@OpenMicProdSA#HandsOffBlackExcellence
" wrote Khomotso
On an interview with Podcast and Chill With MacG, Zola 7 also details how his then boss Lance Stehr worked behind the shadows to bring him down together with journalists and his baby mother. Zola 7 gets emotional, as he details the series of drama that transpired while working with music legend Lance Stehr.

"I cannot be assassinated, it is impossible too kill Zola. But that boy called Ngoako Malatshi, and that girl called Nombuso Zondi and that girl called Cassandra Gudluza, they had a personal vendetta against me. And they used the resources of the companies they were working for to try and attack my careers, it is just the fact that it didn't happen. I even ended up in court with Ngoako, who by the way turned out to be working with Lance and my baby mama, cause Lance was paying them. I even saw the contract and the contract came from Media24" says Zola 7

Under the hashtag #HandsOffBlackExcellence, tweeps are honoring the music legend and media personality Zola 7, for all his contributions in the entertainment and TV industry while he was at his peak.

Other artists named to have been allegedly destroyed by Lance Stehr are Brenda Fassie's son Bongani Fassie who spoke on his reality TV show Finding Bongani Fassie about Lance Stehr allegedly giving him his his first hit of cocaine. Another music veteran Mercy Pakela spoke gravely on Lance Stehr and his alleged drug scandals over his artists so that they cannot think straight.

"So, allegedly bathi dude introduced bricks to drugs, tried to kill Zola 7, Nathi and Bongani Fassie" wrote Shukrani

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