Lasizwe Dambuza Adds More Fuel To The Fire

This proves that theres really bad blood in the Mzansi celebville

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Evidently, the beef between media personalities Lasizwe Dambuza and Somizi Mhlongo is so thick you can cut it with a kitchen knife. This comes after Lasizwe threw a major shade at Somizi Mhlongo with his ex-husband Mohale Motaung on Twitter.

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Both Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung have been very close lately that they have already sparked dating rumors. Following their undeniable chemistry and being in each others arms at the recent Hollywood Durban July in Durban, the pair were immediately sworn to be an item.

As if Mohale Motaung's shade to Somizi Mhlongo was not enough, Lasizwe jumps on his bandwagon to add more fuel to the fire by throwing a major shade as Somizi Mhlongo as well. Currently, Mohale Motaung is in Paris, France and taking a jab at his engagement with Somizi Mhlongo on the lock of love bridge back in 2018, the pair since left their lock of love there.

Mohale Motaung said while he is in Paris, France he will fetch his lock of love that he left with Somizi Mhlongo. Lasizwe did not waste any time as he jumped in to shade Somizi Mhlongo by telling Mohale Motaung not to fetch the lock  because they, referring to him and Mohale, will put another lock of love.

"Leave it. Sizofaka entsha" wrote Lasizwe Dambuza
Twitter is abuzz following Lasizwe Dambuza's shady retweet directed to Somizi Mhlongo. Taking to social media, tweeps have made it known that Lasizwe's shade is unnecessary and very immature. Tweeps have called Lasizwe out on his childish behavior and have condemned him from being shady towards Somizi Mhlongo.

"Somizi must be going through so much, imagine someone fooling you into making a million then divorce you to get half of your hard earned money, then troll you with Khanyi Mbau's satanic taxi owner brother on brother" wrote Ndlovu Isaac
"Bese uphinde uthi mental health what what nywe nywe nywe ngekhanda elikhulu" wrote Mrs Gibson
"Lasizwe kuve ethanda ukuzigaxa!! Mese zimushubela abese ayakhala athi mental what what! Hlezi emkhuza kanti usisi wakhe uMbau akuzwa loku qhude elimuzwezwe" wrote Bonny Ndlovu
"I am not a fan of Somizi but this is so unnecessary at this point, childish behavior" wrote Xhanti Qoloyi
It appears Lasizwe shady landed on the wrong side as he find himself at the crossfire while tweeps are breathing down his neck for his childish behavior. Meanwhile Somizi Mhlongo haven't dignify the initial shade from Mohale Motaung with any response thus far, however knowing Somizi Mhlongo, something will give eventually.

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