Lasizwe Axes Cedric Fourie From Reality Show

Fans will also see Lasizwe as a father to his adopted child!

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Viewers of Lasizwe Dambuza's reality show Fake it till you make it will not get to see eye-candy Cedric Fourie on the show's new season.

Sunday World reported that the YouTuber has ousted the Skeem Saam actor and allegedly replaced him with his sister Shantel Mchunu.

'Fake It Till You Make It' airs on MTV and follows Lasizwe as he lives his life, inviting fans to witness the hardships he faces in the entertainment industry.

The decision to axe his friend Cedric was due to the show shifting focus from the  initial story line and he has introduced a new cast member his sister Shantel. This news raised a few eyebrows as some question whether there is some disagreement between the two. The comedian did not comment on whether the decision has affected their bromance, he instead laughed and kept it moving.

Viewers will also get to witness Lasizwe as a father to his adopted child and will share the journey. Neither confirming nor denying that he might be the biological father, he told the publication that being a father was not part of his plans.

“The idea about fatherhood wasn’t my plan but it was just the result of circumstance and the situation that I got myself into. I just had to kinda face the situation head-on. You will get to see this season grow. You will get to understand why I made the decision that I made because it had to be done," he said. 
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The shooting of the new season has been halted due to the extended lockdown however will continue once it is lifted.

"The show isn’t complete, there are still some parts of reality that need to be shot. We are still half a season away if I am not mistaken. When the lockdown is done we are going to shoot like crazy, just to play catch up," he said.

 He told TshisaLive that he often finds himself in a deep, dark place and hopes his reality show will help viewers who are going through the same thing.

"There's a big difference between Lasizwe and Thulasizwe Dambuza. This season Thulasizwe is kind of going through a lot in terms of his personal life. He is trying not to affect the Lasizwe life, because Lasizwe is nothing but happiness and pure joy. I don't want to say much, but that's what people will see on the show," he told the publication.

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