What could Lerato's big suprise be?

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Lerato Moloi has a big surprise for her fans.

But, sadly we all have to wait until next month to find out about her latest project. The model, who was part of our ZAlebs celebrity hijack alongside comedian Mpho Popps today, said: "There is something exciting but I can't say."

Even after we begged her to tell us what it is, she just wouldn't budge. She simply added: "Just wait until 28 May."

We have a feeling that this project will be one of Lerato's highlights for 2015.  A TV show maybe? This waiting business really sucks. What we do know, however, is that the model has been kicking some serious butt in the kitchen. Lerato is in the top four of Celebrity  Masterchef and has already been making an impact on people's cooking abilities (The phrase "watch and learn" comes to mind)

Although she beat most of the competition, it seems there's one person who might just come between her and the title. When asked who her biggest threat is, Lerato quickly blurted out Patricia Lewis' name. Can you believe it?

According to Lerato, the popular artist is an undercover chef. "She came here on some 'guys, I can't cook. Next thing she's handling her thing in the kitchen..."

It looks like Lerato is quite competitive in the kitchen, hey? It will be very interesting to see who will walk away with the title.

Keep an eye on ZAlebs for more of the action from today's hijack; Lerato and Mpho kept us laughing louder than we've ever done! 

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