The extreme lengths that Linda Mtoba goes through to get that perfect Insta picture

And some of us are guilty of doing this as well.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Linda Mtoba  | Top of The


We've mentioned this before but we'll mention it again, Linda Mtoba has the best South African celebrity Instagram account hands down!

Whether she's just simply chilling by the pool or showing us pictures of her delicious meals, Linda's Insta is one colourful collage of her images.

However, Instagram is also known to only show the smooth sailing parts of our lives and not the day to day struggles we go through but we're glad that Linda sometimes keeps it real with us and lets us in on how she struggles to get the best poses for her gorgeous pictures.

We recently came across this hilarious video of her being assisted in getting her leg up for that perfect Instagram pose and we couldn't help but bust out laughing.

Another hilarious video ofLinda's attempt at getting the perfect Instagram photo was when she struggled to mount a plastic pool flamingo float.

Poor girl even got her hair wet.

The saga.

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But like the true trooper she is, Linda managed to get on that flamingo and get the perfect Instagram picture.

Linda's Instagram struggles are yet another reminder that we shouldn't compare our lives according to what we see on Instagram. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@LindaMtoba