Linda Mtoba On being Heartbroken By Her Father

The actress relays when her dad never showed up for her birthday when she as a kid

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Evidently it is true when they say kids do not forget as actress and beauty influencer Linda Mtoba relays her childhood pain. The River actress relays how her father disappointed her on one of her birthday by not showing up when she was a child.

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Psychologists acknowledges childhood trauma as the type of trauma than can linger throughout adulthood. Often described as severe adverse childhood experiences, childhood trauma ranges from several experiences that children endured at the tender age.

Actress Linda Mtoba pours her heart out following one of her childhood trauma when her father abandoned her when she needed him the most. During her 4th year birthday party, Mtoba mentions how she waited by the phone for his call or him to visit but neither one happened.

"My dad not coming or even calling for my birthday. I waited all day for him and ran to the phone inside when it rang. My (mom) family had thrown me a party. Still all I wanted was him to come or atleast care enough to call. He didn’t. Maybe I was 4" wrote Linda Mtoba
As childhood trauma may include but not limited to the feeling of abandonment and neglect. At her big age, Linda Mtoba still carries the hurt that she experienced at the early of of four years old.

"My husband by virtue of being an amazing partner and an even better father not knowingly has healed so much of my hurt. I often look at him especially now with our daughter and I want to cry at just how perfect those moments are." wrote Linda Mtoba
However, Mtoba relays how her husband has step up to the plate to fill up the void from Mtoba's childhood trauma. Seeing her husband with her daughter being present has somehow healed The River actress to an unimaginable extent.

"And he often says to me that he just doesn’t understand how someone could choose missing out on all of this, re fatherhood" wrote Linda Mtoba
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