Tweeps Celebrating Londie London's Wins

This comes after the reality TV star recently bought a house

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Former Real Housewives of Durban star and singer Londie London is getting her flowers on social media. This comes after the Suk'emabhozeni hit maker becoming a new homeowner on Mother's Day

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Congratulatory, heartfelt messages and love continues to pour for Londie London after sharing the news of her new purchase. Evidently, following her break up with ex fiance Hlubi Nkosi, more reports were already swirling around on social media that suggested that Londie London was down and out.

Amidst the drama of the break up, the public also learned that Hlubi Nkosi was allegedly dating outside of his relationship with Londie, which was the reason for the demise of their relationship. On the Real Housewives of Durban episode, Londie London slammed Hlubi for not supporting the kids and basically admitted to being a single parent.

From an Instagram screenshot surrounding the latest with Londie and Hlubi when the break up occurred had a number of social media users jaws dropped. The Instagram user had also mentioned that Hlubi Nkosi had given Londie London a car for children emergencies. Strict conditions were given to Londie which included the car being for children's interests and nothing else.
"Londie London is back to being a pedestrian after her baby daddy Hlubi Nkosi took his BMW X6 after Londie rebuked the conditions of having the car. Hlubi gave her the car as the guardian or stay parent of their children so that that kinds don;t get inconvenienced and Londie was strictly told that the car should only serve the interests of the kids and not for her to go around gallivanting or partying in Jozi" wrote an Instagram user

However, the over pouring love, support and kindness shown towards Londie London is definitely one for the books. Evidently, her recent wins are felt to be more deserved, considering that she went threw with her ex fiance on national TV.

"I’m so happy for Londie" wrote Thee Cherri
"I really want to see Londie winning. That vulnerable moment she shared with Annie really left me emotional." wrote Lwazilwaphesheya
"This era of Londie London" wrote Keke
"I am so happy for her…starting again is not easy…one foot after the other…this is beautiful to watch" wrote Nomonde
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