Makgofe Moagi's kids don't like her role on Skeem Saam

She plays a role that she enjoys, however, her kids, on the other hand, don't share the same sentiments.

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Makgofe plays the character of Charity, a side chick who is also highlighted as a homewrecker on Skeem Saam.

In many interviews, Makgofe has mentioned that she does not mind playing such a character as her main aim is to create a dialogue surrounding such issues amongst families. And even though she likes her character, Makgofe told ZAlebs that her kids actually don't.

"My first born he cringes, like '..mama what are you doing? My youngest son who actually for-saw the direction in which my relationship with Mr Maputla was headed to once said to me 'Mommy please tell me that you're not going to have a relationship with him or anything like that?' I then asked him why would he think anything like that and he told me that he could see the way we were looking at each other and the music that was playing in the background which I thought was hilarious. So my kids now have their own opinions of the world and just don't understand why I'm dating him knowing very well he's married. It's quite cute."


Makgofe also added that her partner doesn't mind the role she plays and that her mom is somewhat indifferent about the role.

"My partner is very supportive, and way understanding. He understands that it's a job. As my mom she has her own opinions and you know there's a generational gap, but like I said the reason why I like playing this role is because I take pleasure in playing this role as society tends to downplay it and yet it affects us literally every day. So I really hope my role will inspire society to have serious discussions about such relationship issues. We need to be honest with ourselves in relationships, that's the bottom line." Said the actress.

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