iSthunzi's Makgotso M is enjoying her shine in the industry

The new girl on the block and she's loving every moment of her role on iSthunzi.

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Makgotso shares her experience on iSthunzi thus far and what her fellow cast members have taught her about the craft of acting.

Working on iSthunzi has been an amazing challenge, it's also been inspiring because I work with a great cast which has allowed me to also just up my game as an actress.

Acting alongside my cast members never makes be comfortable, I don't get comfortable, they always just keep me on my toes. Said the actress.

Her fellow cast member, Thuso Mbedu has received a lot of praise from her role on the show and Makgotso mentioned that she cannot help but admire Thuso for her talent.

"Thuso just goes in, she connects with every scene so that's what I've learned from her and you know sometimes you can be a bit self-conscious and you get shy but Thuso has taught me just to really go for it, to just try and go all the way in."

Thuso Mbedu

Although this is one of Makgotso's biggest acting gig alongside her role on Isidingo also, she already feels like she's gotten a lot out of acting on iSthunzi.

iSthunzi cast members

"I've already gotten a lot from the show already, each of the girl's stories is inspired by real life events, and so going into it I knew I had to do the role and the entire show justice to it because at the end of the day these are stories that affect young women. I hope people will receive the show in the right way and it will have the right impact on the audience as well."

Makgotso Isthunzi

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