Makhadzi Continues To Break Records

Not enough Limpopo artists get given the spotlight and fans are livid

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Limpopo musician Makhadzi continues to represent her people very well and continues to break records.

One of Africa's biggest music channel, Channel O had an exclusive playlist dedicated to the musician. The 30 minute show called 'Only Makhadzi' was dedicated to playing only her music.

This is said to be a first for a Venda artist. Fans kept singing her praises and hoping for a longer playlist next time. However many are livid at the fact that she is the first artist from Venda to have her own slot, saying artists from Limpopo deserve the same recognition as any other artists from other parts of the country.

One fan was not impressed at her being labelled 'a first' anything as many others before her should have received the same treatment. Insinuating that the music industry looks down on musicians from other tribes.

"This is it. You are part of the problem. Channel O should acknowledge our musicians now and then. It is not something we should celebrate, we are happy for Makhadzi but these "first what nonsense" contributes to the looking down of us as a tribe. Why are we trying so hard," he cried.

A heated debate ensued and many are calling for equality in the industry.

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