Makhadzi And Sho Madjozi Are Working On Something Epic

The Limpopo Queens

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Makhadzi and Sho Madjozi are working on something together and the two Limpopo born natives were all smiles as they posed for pictures which were uploaded on Makhadzi's Instagram account.

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Makhadzi wrote in the caption of the post that

"Aweee @shomadjozi thank you for having me and I really had lots of fun shooting together with your team #limpopo"
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The two ladies are the masters of their craft and whatever they are working on together will certainly be top of the range. Sho Madjozi is well known for her unique music which has seen her songs gaining legions of fans not only  locally but across the globe as well.  Her smash hit single John Cena played on radio stations across the world. Madjozi is also known for her love and promotion of her Tsonga culture as she often dons the Tsonga traditional skirts in her music videos and even when performing 

Makhadzi is also known for her unique music as well which have got people across Africa dancing with hits such as Matorokisi and  Tshaya Vhuya under her belt. The Tshivhangani born singer is also known for her sterling perfomances on stage. She is also proud of her Venda culture as she sings in the language. She is also the face of Quiteria Atelier.

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