The Maps Maponyane boyfriend academy

When you respect women and gas your girl up, you've clocked this life thing 

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Nomzamo and Maps

Maps Maponyane and Nomzamo Mbatha went from hiding their love to being the hallmark for #couplegoals and #blacklove and part of the reason for that is his astonishingly great ability to boyfriend.

At first, we bought into the buddy fallacy because we just didn't see them together and now we can't get enough of how they show their love. We can only imagine how disgustingly cute they are when no one else is around. 

Allow the ultimate boyfriend to teach you how to be a boyfriend 

1. He's her friend 

Maps Maponyane and Nozamo Mbatha @jay_teja

A lot of guys use the "I just want to be your friend" lie when they are shelaring just to get your number but to be a woman's friend before pursuing anything else really is the way to her heart and that's the first major key that Maps used to win Zamo's heart. So, stop lying and actually befriend us and maybe you'll realize that the friendzone is an imaginary prison of your own making.

2. He makes her laugh 

Maps and Nomzamo - Maps birthday dinnre
Jay Teja

It's no secret that she loves laughing but every man knows just how great it feels to have that ONE girl think you're funny. 

There is one problem though; not everyone's sense of humor has mass appeal. The upside to that, however, is that if she likes you back, she'll laugh at whatever you say and make you feel like Trevor Noah. 

3. He gasses her up

Whether she's chilling or unlocking new levels in her career, Maps remains one of her biggest cheerleaders and it honestly so beautiful to watch. Take notes fellas. 

4. He lets her take centre stage

Maps and Nomzamo

As popular (and pretty as he is), Maps never takes the shine away from his girl when they're out in public. 

And lastly 

5. He's not afraid to let is all know just how much he loves her 

And this right here (point number 5) is all that any woman ever wants from her man. So Maps, where can our boyfriends sign up?

Happy birthday Nomzamo!

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